What do you do when your baby is too old to babywear?

When you love babywearing it’s hard to face it when your baby grows into a toddler and finally a young child who no longer wants to be carried any more.  One way you may deal with it is to have more children! Of course it won’t be the reason why you have more children but once you’ve discovered baby wearing you will probably enjoy carrying all your children for many years to come.

And when you’ve come to the end of your own children’s baby wearing days, what then? Well, if you’ve found babywearing a useful and enjoyable experience you may want to help spread the word to enable more people to benefit from this extraordinary and wonderful parenting tool.

If you’ve connected with your own children in ways that other parents admire or simply found babywearing a practical way to have your hands free to get on with your life while giving your baby or child what they need then you have already started helping others learn about baby wearing. You may have gone a step further and talked to other parents about it and even recommended certain slings and carriers. Perhaps you’ve attended or set up sling meets where you’ve given some hands on practical advise to parents interested in learning more.

As it’s such a powerful tool it can be easy to become an advocate of babywearing. When your own children grow up it doesn’t mean you have to stop being involved in sharing the benefits of babywearing with others. You could train as a babywearing consultant.  As an experienced babywearer you have lots of value to give to other parents, plus it means you don’t have to wait until you become a grandparent before you get to use your favourite baby slings and carriers again either!

Becoming a babywearing consultant means that you get to share your knowledge and experience of this wonderful parenting tool with other parents. With your help and those like you, eventually all parents will understand how and why they might want to safely babywear for the benefit of themselves and their children. What could be better than that?


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