Our vision is to offer training which will allow more people to find out about the benefits of babywearing and allow parents and professionals to access advice about the use of slings and baby carriers. For parents and professionals, our trained Babywearing Consultants offer workshops which offer information about babywearing. For more information on these, see our For Parents pages. For those interested in training to offer information or advice, we offer two routes to becoming a trained and recognised Babywearing professional: the Babywearing Peer Support course and the Babywearing Consultancy Course.

Why become a Babywearing Peer Supporter or Consultant?

You may be a Mum or Dad and wear your own child and find you get stopped in the street by people asking you about babywearing. Or you may work with parents, perhaps as a Baby Massage or Yoga teacher; an Antenatal Teacher, Breastfeeding Counsellor, Postnatal Leader, Doula, Midwife or many other roles. You may want to offer some information about slings as part of the work that you do or may like to set up a sling library. The Peer Support course would give you the information about slings and baby carriers that you need to provide information to groups of parents or to set up a sling meet or sling library. It would also help you to access insurance for a sling library.

As a qualified Babywearing Consultant, you could earn a part-time income by offering individual consultations and running workshops for parents and professionals. As the School of Babywearing expands, we’ll be recruiting and training qualified Babywearing Consultants to act as tutors and assessors on our courses as well.

Why train with the School of Babywearing?


Our courses are accredited by TQUK as Level 3 courses, which means that they are recognised as being an equivalent standard to A-levels. We believe that it is crucial for babywearing training to be recognised and evaluated alongside other types of work with parents and babies. TQUK’s role is to evaluate our organisation, tutors and courses to ensure that they reach high professional standards; that courses are delivered professionally and coursework is assessed and internally verified. Our tutors hold qualifications in Adult Education/Lifelong Learning as well as being experienced babywearers.

Course Structure

We have structured our courses to be as flexible and family friendly as possible. You’ll be able to work on your coursework at home at your own pace, with ongoing support from your course tutors. Babes-in-arms are welcome at our workshops and we’ve ensured that our residential venues are family friendly with family rooms available.
We have designed the courses so that you can upgrade from the Babywearing Peer Supporter course to the Babywearing Consultant course by adding on the additional modules and attending a one evening and one day workshop. You may have studied with one of the German Babywearing Schools and wish to convert to an accredited qualification that complement your previous training.


Once you have qualified as a Babywearing Consultant with the School of Babywearing, you will be able to access our group insurance scheme, which offers you professional insurance for around £5 per month. (If you already have insurance as a Baby Yoga or Massage teacher, it may be much less). This offers £2 million of cover in each of the following categories: medical malpractice, public liability and product liability. As a Babywearing Peer Supporter, you may be interested in setting up a sling library and will be able to access our group insurance scheme for sling libraries.

Babywearing Information pages

As a social enterprise, one of our key activities, funded through our training income, is to share information about babywearing and about local groups, sling libraries and Babywearing Consultants. We offer free listings for all sling groups and libraries in the UK on the Babywearing UK site with enhanced listings for those groups who have a trained Babywearing Peer Supporter or Babywearing Consultant who’s qualified on one of our courses, with extra space for letting parents know about what you offer. We also offer free listings for Babywearing Consultants who’ve qualified through the School of Babywearing.

We produce babywearing leaflets, posters, postcards and colouring pages and will offer additional resources in future. All of these will be circulated widely throughout the UK through antenatal and postnatal groups and classes. They will all direct parents and professionals to our site so your listing will be seen by a very wide audience.

Which course is for me?

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