Are you passionate about babywearing?

If so you’ll understand why we are passionate about babywearing too. Victoria and I started the School of Babywearing because of our passion for babywearing and our desire to bring the benefits to as many people as possible here in the UK and further afield.

We aim to help other parents and professionals teach safe babywearing to all new parents and others who wish to learn. Sadly in our culture many parents feel they should disconnect from their baby as soon as mother and baby are physically separate, when there are in fact so many benefits for both baby and parent to maintain that connection.

Experienced babywearers don’t need to be told this as they experience these benefits for themselves, however, in order to teach others it’s important to provide all the reasons why it works. This is why the training that we provide if so useful for parents who want to become babywearing consultants.

The Introduction to Babywearing Workshop provides a useful overview of babywearing. We discuss the history of babywearing, the medical and other benefits as well as identify different types of baby slings and carriers. There is also time to try on the baby slings and carriers too. We hold these workshops in different locations around the UK so check our website for details.

After attending the Workshop you may feel ready to complete the Level 3 Certificate in Babywearing, after which you will be a qualified babywearing consultant. You can then be listed on our website as we will hold a register of accredited babywearing consultants. Whether it’s a completely new career path or an additional element to your current work, you’re sure to find becoming a babywearing consultant will be very rewarding.


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