Which Course Is For Me?

If you’re trying to decide between the Babywearing Peer Supporter and Babywearing Consultancy courses, answering these questions should help:

How much experience do you have of using slings and baby carriers?

I have some experience of using a few types of sling>>> The Babywearing Peer Supporter course may be most suitable as a starting point for you
I have a lot of experience of using different types of slings and talking to others about them>>> You may be more interested in the Babywearing Consultancy course which requires a greater knowledge of slings and baby carriers

How much time can you devote to your training?

I can attend a one day workshop>>> The Babywearing Peer Supporter course involves a one day workshop and some home study
I can attend a longer course>>> The Babywearing Consultancy course involves a workshop which runs over one evening and two days and a greater amount of home study

Will you be working more with groups or individuals?

Groups>>> The Babywearing Peer Supporter course is aimed at people offering information in a group setting (e.g . in a Sling Group or Sling Library setting, as part of antenatal classes or in a postnatal group or Children’s Centre)
Individuals>>> The Babywearing Consultancy course will give you the more detailed information that you’ll need to advise parents and professionals on an individual basis. You can, of course also offer workshops and if you’d like to offer a School of Babywearing Introduction to Babywearing workshop, we can promote this for you on our website.

Do you need insurance to cover your activities?

Yes>>> The Babywearing Consultancy course allows you to access our group insurance scheme for Babywearing Consultants. The Babywearing Peer Supporter course allows you to access our group insurance scheme for sling libraries if you operate one

If you would like a specialised course, such as those we offer for sling retailers, lactation consultants or midwives working with premature babies, please see our Customised Training pages.