Online Courses now launched

We are really pleased to announce that School of Babywearing® courses are now running online, This is something we were already working to complete later in 2020 but, due to the current lockdown, we have worked tirelessly to bring that forward. We have course dates from the 27th of April with Babywearing Consultancy and Peer Support courses available first, CPD/Skills Update courses planned from mid-May and a Further Consultancy Skills course planned from  June.

We know that these are difficult times and many people are trying to juggle work commitments with having children at home and looking after others. We have been asked for several years if we could facilitate training online and we have been working hard to make this available, and in line with awarding body requirements. The current situation has led us to start offering this now with a combination of online lessons and live webinar sessions.

We’ll still, as always, offer concessionary places and payment by instalments for our online courses.

Our Peer Support, Consultancy and Further Consultancy Skills courses are still externally accredited, recognised qualifications with the backing of an official awarding body. This means all of the learning is carefully monitored and externally assessed to make sure it’s relevant and evidence based. Our online courses will offer even more one-to-one tutor support than our in-person courses, more resources, while still providing chances to work with a group of learners and take part in live sessions. And you will be linked in with the international communities of School of Babywearing Consultants and Peer Supporters so you can share and draw on their experiences and ideas.

Online courses will require you to have access to a range of slings and carriers, which can be hired or bought from the School of Babywearing. Or you may be able to borrow these from a local sling library. You will also need a demo doll which you can buy or make.

To read more about the courses, and what you’ll need to take part, visit our course pages:

Peer Support

Babywearing Consultancy

Further Consultancy Skills

CPD/Skills Update

You can also see a sample lesson here, which is about how to make your own babywearing demo doll.

Get in touch with us via e-mail  or Facebook Messenger to ask questions, make a suggestion or just chat to us.

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School of Babywearing Hire/Buy Scheme

Anyone taking part in our online courses will need access to a range of slings and carriers to complete your course (see the Babywearing UK resource page for details of what falls into each category). These are the minimum requirements for Peer Support & Consultancy courses:

  • a ring sling

  • a stretchy wrap

  • a woven wrap (preferably two of different lengths for Consultancy)

  • a meh dai

  • a buckle carrier

You may also want access to:

  • a stretchy hybrid

  • a pouch

  • a kangaroo care top

Hire scheme

To make it easy for you to access suitable slings and carriers, we offer a hire scheme so that you can borrow carriers for the duration of your course and as long as you need to practise and complete coursework (up to six months). You may choose any or all of the slings/carriers below and you can choose to add on a demo doll. There is a hire charge per month, a refundable deposit (returned when all slings/carriers/doll returned to us in good condition) and a postage charge. You will be responsible for arranging and paying return postage.

Hire costs for each item are £5/month/item with a charge of £2.50/item/month for second and subsequent months. Postage is charged at cost and will depend on parcel weight.

Item Deposit
Pouch £10
Ring sling £10
Stretchy wrap £10
Stretchy hybrid £10
Kangaroo care top £20
Meh dai £20
Buckle carrier £30
Demo doll £30
Woven wrap – long* £30
Woven wrap – short* £30

* Short wrap needed for Consultancy and some CPD/Skills Update courses, not Peer Support. We’d recommend a Base size-2, see Amy Wraps Babies guide to wrap sizing

We will send suitable sling/carriers but cannot tell you in advance which brands they will be. If you have a petite or larger frame, please let us know so we can select something that should fit you well.

Terms & Conditions of Hire

  • The hire period start from three days after we post your slings/carriers to you. If you don’t wish to hire for more than a month, please make sure they are posted back at least 3 days before the end of the hire period. They should be returned to Victoria Ward, School of Babywearing, Blackerton House, Blackerton, East Anstey, EX16 9JT.

  • Deposits should be paid by cheque, made payable to Babywearing UK CIC

  • The slings and carriers sent to you will be safe for use, with no faults, holes or broken components and the must be returned in the same condition, or a deduction will be made from the deposit. You will be liable for the replacement cost of any damaged or lost sling or carrier.

  • You (or anyone else in your household) should not smoke around slings, carriers and dolls and they should not be kept anywhere that pets can access them.

  • Deposits will be returned (minus any outstanding hire fees or charges for damage) as soon as we have check over the slings/carriers/doll.

  • If you decide you would like to buy anything you have hired, please contact us to see if this is possible and check the cost.

  • Any learners with outstanding hire fees or damage costs will need to pay these before their course certificate can be sent out, unless you have agreed otherwise with us.

Completing the form below indicates that you have read and accept these conditions.

If you choose a pouch, please let us know the diagonal shoulder to hip measurement across your back so we can send the correct size. If you choose a kangaroo care top, please let us know your UK size.
You can extend the hire period, it's just useful for us to know how long to expect to book out resources for and this will determine your initial payment
We will get back to you soon to confirm we have received your order and the total cost.
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Babywearing training in the UK

As we approach the end of 2017, it’s thrilling to think that around 250 students will have attended a School of Babywearing training course this year.  If you’d like to join over 1,500 babywearing professionals who have benefited from our training in the UK and internationally, sign up for one of our forthcoming courses.

Babywearing training over the UK

Babywearing training in the UK

Babywearing training courses in the UK

Babywearing training October 2017

Newcastle Babywearing Consultancy

In-house training for major brand, private course

Southend Peer Support

Babywearing training November 2017

South London Peer Support

Reading Babywearing Consultancy

Telford Peer Support

Babywearing training December 2017

South London Babywearing Consultancy

Babywearing Training in 2018

Looking ahead, we are taking bookings for the following courses:

Manchester/Stockport Peer Support

Manchester/Stockport Babywearing Consultancy

Taunton Peer Support

Billericay Peer Support

Babywearing training

Babywearing training 2018

We are currently scheduling other babywearing training courses for 2018 and will be offering:

in a variety of locations in England, Scotland, Wales and internationally in 2018.

If you’d like to request a course in your area, please do get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Train with The School of Babywearing

Accredited courses mean our training is externally validated and is perfect for CPD and for institutions that require formalised training.

Highly qualified tutors with years’ of experience and detailed knowledge to share. All our tutors have dual qualifications in Babywearing and Adult Education and many are additionally qualified in other aspects of perinatal care.

As a Community Interest Company, we are dedicated to expanding and improving babywearing skills and spreading the word about the benefits of babywearing.

Don’t forget babies and children are welcome on our courses and we look forward to meeting you.

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Lothian Babywearing Training September 2017

We’ve added 2 new courses to the diary in Scotland, both in the Lothian area.

The one day Babywearing Peer Supporter Course will take place on Wednesday 6th September 2017 and can be booked now.

Book and pay by 11th August to qualify for a £10 discount!  Book NOW!

The three day Babywearing Consultancy Course will take place Monday – Wednesday,  18 – 20th September and bookings are being taken now.

Book and pay by 11th August and you could receive a discount of up to £90!  Book NOW!

If you’d like a course in a different area, please do let us know and we will see what we can arrange for you.  Get in touch via our Scotland Planned Training Facebook Group.


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New Dates for Babywearing Training in the UK

Lots of new courses on the system! All open for bookings now with big Early Bird discounts on Peer Support and Babywearing Consultancy courses.

Our courses are the only recognised UK qualifications in babywearing and will give you access to specially arranged insurance policies.

The Babywearing Peer Support course (one day) offers formal recognition of the skills of people who give information about slings and baby carriers through Sling Meets, sling libraries, antenatal classes or postnatal groups.

The Babywearing Consultancy course (two or three days depending on venue) is aimed at people who give (or would like to give) one-to-one advice to parents about choosing slings and baby carriers. It will qualify you to work as a Babywearing Consultant and you will be awarded a Level 3 qualification accredited by TQUK.

If you aren’t sure which course to opt for, you can find some helpful information on how to choose the right course.

CPD Babywearing Training, either for babywearing professionals or for allied professionals, such as midwives, doulas, lactation consultants.

September 2017

Using Slings for Labour and Birth.  One day, CPD course in South London.

Peer Support.  One day, Lothian area.

Babywearing Consultancy. Three days, Lothian area.

Peer Support.  One day, Bristol area.

October 2017

Wrapping for Educators.  One day, Bristol area.

Peer Support.  One day, Newcastle.

Babywearing Consultancy.  Two days, Newcastle.

Peer Support.  One day, Devon.

Babywearing Consultancy.  Three days, Devon.

November 2017

Peer Support.  One day, Reading.

Babywearing Consultancy.  Three days, Reading.

Peer Support.  One day, Telford area.

February 2018

Wrapping for Educators.  One day, Manchester/Stockport.

Peer Support.  One day, Manchester/Stockport.

Babywearing Consultancy. Three days, Manchester/Stockport.

Please contact us is you would like a course in a different location and we will do our best.

babywearing training in the UK. Accredited courses for peer support, babywearing consultancy and CPD

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Babywearing Training Feedback

As the provider of the UK’s only accredited babywearing training courses, we love receiving feedback, whether positive or with suggestions for ways in which we can make our courses even better.

Here’s a little selection of some of the feedback we have received recently on our Level 3 Babywearing Consulting Course and Level 2 Babywearing Peer Supporter Course.

“I was impressed with the breadth and depth of the material covered”

“I already use [the knowledge and skills taught] on a daily basis with the midwifery patients I meet”

“We were taught by an incredibly knowledgeable and adaptable trainer who worked well to deliver in a variety of learning styles”

“I was able to leave knowing I could give the correct safety and positioning advice as well as pros and cons of different types of carriers/slings, and demonstrate use”

“I was very impressed by all aspects of the course, venue and the colleagues I met as part of it.  We have gone on to form a friendship group that continues to provide each other support months down the line”

“Thanks for a great experience!”

“As I am already a consultant I was a little apprehensive about what I would learn on the course but I thoroughly enjoyed myself and found the theory behind babywearing fascinating”

See our upcoming babywearing training our our course calendar.

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Accredited Babywearing Training Certificates

School of Babywearing Accredited trainingBig pile of certificates heading off in the post today.  I love sending them out to the qualified babywearing peer supporters and consultants.

As the only accredited babywearing training in the UK, The School of Babywearing is very proud of the hard work, knowledge and skills shown by our students.



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New Babywearing Training Dates

School of babywearing Training course14 new courses on the system today! All open for bookings now with big Early Bird discounts. (And a round up of existing courses too for ease.)

Our courses are the only recognised UK qualifications in babywearing and will give you access to specially arranged insurance policies.

The Babywearing Peer Support course (one day) offers formal recognition of the skills of people who give information about slings and baby carriers through Sling Meets, sling libraries, antenatal classes or postnatal groups.

The Babywearing Consultancy course (three days) is aimed at people who give (or would like to give) one-to-one advice to parents about choosing slings and baby carriers. It will qualify you to work as a Babywearing Consultant and you will be awarded a Level 3 qualification accredited by TQUK.

If you aren’t sure which course to opt for, you can find some helpful information on how to choose the right course.

London Peer Supporter – next weekend – ONE Place available due to cancellation

London Consultancy – next weekend – ONE place available due to cancellation

Glasgow Peer Supporter – 2nd Oct 2016

North Devon Consultancy – 28th-30th October – apply for waiting list

Newcastle Peer Supporter – 4th November

Newcastle Consultancy – 4th-6th November

Birmingham Area Peer Supporter – 25th November

Manchester Area Peer Supporter – 20th January 2017

Manchester Area Consultancy – 20th-22nd January 2017

London Peer Supporter – 17th February 2017

London Consultancy – 17th-19th February 2017

Salisbury Peer Supporter – 10th March 2017

Salisbury Consultancy – 10-12th March 2017

Birmingham Area Peer Supporter – 31st March 2017

Birmingham Area Consultancy – 31st March – 2nd April 2017

London Peer Supporter – 28th April 2017

London Consultancy – 28th-30th April 2017

Manchester Peer Supporter – 9th June 2017

Manchester Consultancy – 9th-11th June 2017

And as ever, we are happy to look at putting on private or group courses for NHS Trusts or Sling Libraries – full details.

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Course Diary 2016

2015 was another very busy year for the School of Babywearing.  Nearly 300 people attended our training courses, both here in the UK and as far afield as Malaysia & Singapore and hundreds of delegates visited the Second European Babywearing Conference.

2016 is shaping up to be just as busy – we have added even more dates to our training schedule so there are now 19 courses in the UK in the first half of the year.

We are continuing to grow internationally too, with courses planned in new countries such as Australia and Norway.

The up to date UK schedule is listed below in date order:

22nd January Stockport Peer Supporter and Consultancy
5th February  Aberdeen Consultancy and Wrapping for Educators CPD
February  Melbourne, Australia
12th February  Peterborough Peer Supporter and Consultancy
13th February  Stoke on Trent Peer Supporter
26th February  London Peer Supporter and Consultancy
March  Norway
11th March  Leeds Peer Supporter
11th March  North Devon Peer Supporter and Consultancy
8th April  Lincoln/Boston Peer Supporter
22nd April  Brighton Peer Supporter
22nd April  Newcastle Consultancy
6th May  Milton Keynes Peer Supporter and Consultancy
10th June  Romsey Peer Supporter and Consultancy

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Babywearing Books


Babywearing Books

Looking for something to read or a present idea for a babywearer this Christmas? We have just updated our lists of Babywearing Books and Babywearing Books for Children. Let us know if we’ve missed any that you know about.

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