New Dates for Babywearing Training in the UK

Lots of new courses on the system! All open for bookings now with big Early Bird discounts on Peer Support and Babywearing Consultancy courses.

Our courses are the only recognised UK qualifications in babywearing and will give you access to specially arranged insurance policies.

The Babywearing Peer Support course (one day) offers formal recognition of the skills of people who give information about slings and baby carriers through Sling Meets, sling libraries, antenatal classes or postnatal groups.

The Babywearing Consultancy course (two or three days depending on venue) is aimed at people who give (or would like to give) one-to-one advice to parents about choosing slings and baby carriers. It will qualify you to work as a Babywearing Consultant and you will be awarded a Level 3 qualification accredited by TQUK.

If you aren’t sure which course to opt for, you can find some helpful information on how to choose the right course.

CPD Babywearing Training, either for babywearing professionals or for allied professionals, such as midwives, doulas, lactation consultants.

September 2017

Using Slings for Labour and Birth.  One day, CPD course in South London.

Peer Support.  One day, Lothian area.

Babywearing Consultancy. Three days, Lothian area.

Peer Support.  One day, Bristol area.

October 2017

Wrapping for Educators.  One day, Bristol area.

Peer Support.  One day, Newcastle.

Babywearing Consultancy.  Two days, Newcastle.

Peer Support.  One day, Devon.

Babywearing Consultancy.  Three days, Devon.

November 2017

Peer Support.  One day, Reading.

Babywearing Consultancy.  Three days, Reading.

Peer Support.  One day, Telford area.

February 2018

Wrapping for Educators.  One day, Manchester/Stockport.

Peer Support.  One day, Manchester/Stockport.

Babywearing Consultancy. Three days, Manchester/Stockport.

Please contact us is you would like a course in a different location and we will do our best.

babywearing training in the UK. Accredited courses for peer support, babywearing consultancy and CPD

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