Happy Birthday to us!

The School of Babywearing was officially one year old on the 16th of December 2011. At least, that’s the date on which we were officially registered as a community interest company, a nonprofit-making organisation. In fact, we existed throughout quite a lot of 2010 but didn’t get round to formalising our existence until December, mostly because we were so busy working on coursework.

So what’s happened during our first year? We ran several Introduction to Babywearing courses and our very first accredited Babywearing Peer Supporter & Babywearing Consultancy courses. We sent out almost 4,000 Babywearing Guides and listed a number of sling groups and libraries on our website. We worked with US artist Delia Hubbard to create some sling colouring pages to ensure our children get to see the use of slings as being at least one of the normal ways to transport babies.

And what about our second year? We have been invited to run courses all over the UK in 2012 and in the Netherlands too, which is very exciting. We’ll be running our first workshop on Using Slings for Labour and Birth, bringing the art of the Rebozo to the south west of England first in 2012 too and celebrating our status as Rebozo Way Educators.

We’ll soon be announcing the appointment of two new non-Executive Directors, joining our Board to help us achieve our mission. We have a number of grant bids that we’re waiting to hear about and a few new course ideas that we’re discussing too. We’re looking forward to spreading information about slings and baby carriers to more and more parents and professionals.

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