A Great Babywearing Training Weekend in Cheshunt

babywearing trainingWe were very excited to welcome the participants to our first Peer Support and babywearing Consultancy training in Cheshunt in November. It was a great privilege to be around such a fabulous group of people, with a huge range of experience and knowledge to bring with them.

From doulas to retailers, sling manufacturers and sling library organisers, we really did have a lot to talk about and to share. We were grateful to those retailers and manufacturers who kindly donated slings for us to use – especially Slumber Roo, the Natural Nursery, Calin Bleu, Napsack and Slings & Baby Carriers and we soon got to grips with the different types of slings that we had to try.

Over the weekend, we also investigated the history of babywearing, looked at the cultural side of babywearing in the UK and discussed different parenting styles. We spent lots of time on the anatomy of Mums and babies and got hands-on with all of the different slings that we had.

We were joined by babies Bradley, Ella and our own baby Alexander who were very patient as their Mums tried on and took off slings in order to feed them, only occasionally using them as demo babies. We also had a great range of demo babies, from a preemie baby to a lankly-legged toddler!

For our next course, we’ll be asking participants to complete a little more pre-course work up front, especially on the anatomy and physiology side, so that we can concentrate as much course time as possible on the practical side of the course.

Everyone who attends is given a course manual that they complete throughout the course and afterwards as they complete their coursework. It’s a great resource to keep referring back to throughout your career as a Peer Supporter or Babywearing Consultant.

Book now for the 2012 babywearing training courses. There are more dates being worked on, join the newsletter to be kept up to date. View the rest of the photos here.

Some feedback comments:

“I really enjoyed it & learnt a lot, particularly the parts about physiology” RC, undertaking accredited babywearing training as part of midwifery access course.

“I found the pregnant & postnatal body sessions very, very interesting. The delivery style was excellent, I’ll recommend the course to others” Shani, owner of SlingJax & Napsack Baby.

“The course exceeded my expectations  in terms of anatomy & physiology, which I found very helpful. The information about the baby’s physical development was very interesting and useful. I really liked the non-prescriptive style of the course and Victoria’s knowledge and ability.” Emily, sling library owner

“The course was delivered well. I liked the mix of discussions and information and Victoria is very knowledgeable about many things relevant to babywearing as well as babywearing itself.”

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