Training The Next Generation Of Babywearers With Doll Slings

Mothers learn to be mothers from other mothers. From watching our own mother parent us and our siblings, from seeing other women around us, we notice how things are done, how to look after children and bring them up.

Later on, we learn more and make our own choices. We can choose our role models, follow our instincts, discuss with our partner, read parenting books, meet up with like-minded parents, do our own research, choose our own parenting style. Sometimes we follow our parents’ steps, sometimes we do the opposite or break new ground. But there’s no denying that the way we have been parented deeply influences the parent we are. On that subject, Parenting From The Inside Out by Dan Siegel is an excellent resource.

So if you use a baby sling every day to get out and about, do things around the house and with older siblings, friends or relatives, you might actually be having a subtle influence on how your grandchildren will be raised. That’s bound to put a smile on your face!

So with further ado, here is a round up of doll carriers to allow toddlers and young children to mimic the way you hold the baby. Some of them wouldn’t exactly be my favourite to carry a child, but to give toddlers the desire to carry their soft toys, they are perfect.

Baby carriers

The traditional Corolle doll carrier is the closest to a commercial baby carrier but pink and sized for a doll.

The Baby Stella Doll Carrier is a cute little backpack with special straps to carry a doll or a teddy on the front. Although it would be a dreadful way to carry a baby, I like that it’s not just a toy – leaving you to carry your child’s bits and bobs. It’s a real backpack as well, big enough to carry a snack and juice.

Moving on to ‘proper’ baby slings

The Coorie pouch sling is a favourite among first-time mums, it’s affordable and easy-to-use. Did you know that it comes in a child size to allow your children to carry their toys just like you? The camo sling is particularly sweet – it’s not all about girls, dinos and trucks sometimes have to be carried too!

If it’s a baby wrap you’re after, then the Moby Wrap is available in colours to match your own Moby! The cheerful colours will please any budding babywearer. Hoppediz also produce child sized versions of some of their most popular woven wraps and their Bondolino baby carrier.

The Ergo doll carrier (picture top left) is near mirror-image of the real Ergo baby carrier. It is available in pink, purple or grey – all similar to grown up versions. Just like the real thing, the Ergo Doll carriers can be worn in front and back positions and machine washed on a gentle cycle. And the Beco baby carrier also matches the adult version.

Don’t forget the good old’ scarf! Or if you fancy some sewing, there are great instructions for a child’s ring sling, pouch, and mei tai.Do you know of any more?

Do you children carry their toys? Do they like to mimic the way you look after the baby? Do you encourage your children or just let them be? Share the babywearing love, we’d very much like to see your photos, feel free to comment here or tag @SchoolofBabywearing on Facebook.

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