Babywearing Books For Children

baby sling bookWe love finding children books that reflect the way we parent our own children. Whether it’s breastfeeding, babywearing, co-sleeping, it makes sense to choose books that represent what is actually happening in the family in the main story or simply in the illustrations.

Calin Bleu has a long list of children books featuring babywearing.

We have recently been given¬† two additions to our growing collection. Two of today’s picks come from Hong Kong where babywearing is perhaps more common. Asia has a long tradition of carrying children in various tied baby carriers. The design vary from one country to the other.

‘My Hong Kong’ has a delightful block illustration of a babywearing dad in what looks like a framed backpack along the Dragon’s Back (right). You can read more about the beautiful ‘My Hong Kong‘ illustrations on Ralph Kiggell’s website.

The second book features a gorgeous embroidered mei-tai – a traditional Chinese baby carrier – on the cover. ‘It is Hong Kong‘ (available on Amazon) is part of a series of books introducing cities to young children. From Paris to New York and Edinburgh, this collection turns bedtime stories into a trip around the world. In Asia, children aren’t just carried at birth but you routinely see older toddlers carried by their parents, their grandmothers and even older siblings.

torso carryThe Supermum books is more aimed at babies and younger children. It features a mum carrying her sleeping baby on her back in a torso carry. When you carry your baby on your back, you know the heart-warming feeling of sensing your child snuggle up against on your back as he or she falls asleep.

Have you spotted an image, a drawing or a photo of a baby being carried in a book recently? Or maybe in a museum?

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  1. I have spotted several examples of babywearing, in children’s books. And I have put many of them into an album:

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