Babywearing Books For Children

Babywearing Books For Children

It’s great to see just how many books there are now that feature babywearing, sometimes just on one or two pages, sometimes as a key element of the story. Here are a collection of them, with links to where the books are available on Amazon, where applicable. These are affiliate links that will generate some money for Babywearing UK which will be used for projects that support the production of more free babywearing resources. Many thanks to Kathryn of Swindon Sling Library and William of SlingKids for their help in compiling this list.

Backpack Baby (Backpack Baby Board Books)
A book all about being a carried baby, with Daddy doing the babywearing.

A Ride on Mother’s Back: A Day of Baby Carrying Around the World

A lovely book all about babywearing, full of fab pictures.

All the World

A book about the world with a couple of babywearing illustrations

‘Babu’s Song’

This is the tale of Bernadi and his grandfather, Babu, with some lovely pictures of traditional babywearing.


Baby Goes

A board book for babies about the different activities that babies enjoy – including being carried.

Babies, Babies, Babies!

A board book with pictures of the things that babies love, including a picture of a baby in a carrier.

Backpack Baby

A book all about the day in the life of a carried baby, with Daddy doing the babywearing. See below for more Backpack Baby books

Bear Takes a Trip

A book about a journey that involves babywearing

carry me rosa d grossman Carry Me (Babies Everywhere Series)

A book all about how babies are carried around the world, with illustrations on every page.

Catch That Goat!: A Counting Tale from Nigeria

A counting book from Nigeria with traditional babywearing illustrated on some pages.


Colours (Nursery Collection)

A Shirley Hughes book with a lovely illustration of a Dad carrying his baby on one page.

Down The Road To Jamie’s House

Annie’s Mum is always busy feeding her baby brother so she sets off on her own to see her friend, Jamie. Her Mum (with baby brother in a carrier) comes to the rescue.

Everywhere Babies

Babies really are everywhere and many of them are being carried.


Handa’s Surprise (Walker Paperbacks)

Handa goes on a journey, counting fruit & encountering various people including a babywearing mum.

mama-elizabetiMama Elizabeti

A story about looking after a younger sibling, with babywearing on many pages

Mama Panya’s Pancakes

A village tale from Kenya with several pictures of babywearing

Mama’s Milk / Mama me Alimenta

Mama’s Milk is about all of the different mothers who feed their babies milk, including one illustration of breastfeeding and babywearing


Mine: A Backpack Baby Story (Backpack Baby Stories)

Another lovely story from Backpack Baby

Mr Bear’s Picnic

Mr Bear takes Baby Bear on a picnic  and of course he babywears!

My New Baby (The New Baby)

Annie Kubler’s picture book shows a child awaiting a new baby and includes a lovely babywearing picture.

My New Baby

Rachel Fuller’s picture book also shows one babywearing picture

Quack Quack Moo, We See You!

Poppa Bombola is looking for his little girl and needs to babywear as he does so

say hi

Say Hi, Backpack Baby (Backpack Baby Stories)

Another lovely story from Backpack Baby

Stepping Out Together: A Lesson For Life

This leaflet by the Local Road Safety Officers Association features a couple of lovely babywearing pictures.

Supermum: A book about mothers

Because Mums do many great things and babywearing is just one of them

The Mystery of the Breast

Another book about breastfeeding with a babywearing & breastfeeding illustration

The Seven Silly Eaters

A rhyme-based story about fussy eating, with babywearing included along the way

This is Hong Kong

A children’s classic with modern illustrations that include babywearing pictures


Wah-wah!: A Backpack Baby Story (Backpack Baby Stories)

Another lovely story from Backpack Baby

Waiting for the Biblioburro

A book about a young Mexican girl whose dreams of unlimited books to read come true

what-baby-needs william martha searsWhat Baby Needs

A gentle parenting book for children by William & Mary Sears

Wonderwise: Out There Somewhere It’s Time To

A book about time zones with babywearing on one page

You, Me and the Breast

A book about breastfeeding with some beautiful illustrations of babywearing


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