Sling donations

We have been overwhelmed with the response to our request for slings to use in our upcoming photoshoot. Here are some of the donations we’ve had:

Becky, creator of the Cot 2 Tot Wrap says:

“As a stay at home Mum of two I wanted a job that still gave me the freedom to enjoy the rewards of parenting and watch my children grow. However when my second daughter was born with severe acid reflux and I was unable to put her down for any extensive period of time, I began to search for a product that would not only help her, but all the family who were also feeling the strain.

Hence the Cot2tot sling originated and straight away life became more enjoyable once again for the family as a whole. Not only did the sling allow her to be held upright to help her reflux, it also allowed me to look after and play with her big sister and generally she was a lot more contented, cried less and fed better.

Versatile carrying is what makes this Wrap so fantastic. Whether it be the newborn holds or carrying your toddler on your hip, you will find it becomes an integral part of your lifestyle. Wearing the Cot2tot Wrap also allows you to meet the demands of breastfeeding whilst continuing with your routine or even breastfeeding discreetly in public. A tailored piece of cotton fabric with a slight stretch that fits snugly around you and your baby from birth to 15kg. Stylish, comfortable and one size fits all , this Wrap sling is all you need to see you through from newborn to toddler, or as we say from Cot2tot!”

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