Peace begins at home

Have you read about the recent breastfeeding and babywearing flash mobs that have sprung up around the UK and rest of the world recently? Here’s a video showing a recent event in London’s Paddington station.

Sadly, the chances are you’ve seen a lot more coverage of the recent violent mobs that are rioting in many cities around the UK.  So, in order to help contribute to a better world I’d like to do my bit to redress the balance slightly.

Love by Paul Simon

I believe wholeheartedly that babywearing is a vital parenting tool that connects mums, dads and others with the newest members of the human race and our collective future: babies. This in turn helps to develop compassion and patience in both us and our babies – traits which find it hard to co-exist with violence and selfishness.

Matern’elles by CieKime a video of babywearing /breastfeeding dancing mothers & babies

Apart from the obvious benefits to each of us and our families alone, collectively it makes a difference when we are happy, loving and positive. Peace really does begin at home.

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