Gentle Dance taster sessions in London, 18 – 19 October 2013

You are invited to a unique DEMO of GENTLE DANCE, a new program being introduced slingdanceby its creator/choreographer,  ALYSARA GREEN (of Israel and NYC).

Please select one of the following Demo Dates and reply ASAP directly to Aly at  These are the availabl

FRIDAY, 18th of OCTOBER, 1:00 – 2.30pm

SATURDAY, 19th of OCTOBER, 1:00-2:30 pm

Aly will be introducing both of her class offerings:

GENTLE DANCE for WOMEN of all ages


Following the Demo, we will discuss the possibility of holding an inaugural GENTLE DANCE INSTRUCTOR-CANDIDATES Workshop in London in early 2014!  (Please Note:  GENTLE DANCE  is NOTa franchise program.  Aly is offering a certification course that would allow successful candidates to become Gentle Dance Instructors according to its course guidelines.

Both GENTLE DANCE classes incorporate Positive Touch and Rhythmic Movement and are designed to de-stress, relax, and connect participants.  The instructor-led, low-impact dance-exercises have all been created  and choreographed by Aly and incorporate a wide selection of music genres.

A bit about Aly:

Dance Background:

Creator/choreographer of Gentle Dance

Instructor of dance (all ages) and toddler movement over many years

A life-long student of dance (first recital at age 3!)


M.S. degree: Training Design,  NEw York Inst. of Technology, NYC

B.A. degree:  New School for Social Research, NYC


Instructor of Infant Massage (CIMI)

IAIM (International Association of Infant Massage)

Member: IAIM – Israel Chapter

Instructor of Massage in Schools Program (MISP)

MISA (the Massage in Schools Association)

Member: MISA-EWNI (England, Wales, and Northern Ireland)

Cross-Cultural Train-the-Trainer Workshop Participant

SIETAR and Georgetown University, Wash., DC, USA

Member: SIETAR (Society for Intercultural Education and

Research) – UK Chapter

Classroom Teacher in various grades/subjects/settings

NYC Department of Education

(Retired) Member: UFT (United Federation of Teachers), NYC



SKYPE: alysaramg

+ 972 (0)54 240 1322   (main mobile)

+     1  646 522 0368        (when in the USA)

+   44 (0)7949 924867  (when in the UK)

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