New Demo Baby Carrier: Calin Bleu Baby Wrap

baby wrapA big thank you to Scott Hunt at Calin Bleu for sending us two baby wraps: a snuggly micro fleece wrap and a natural cotton baby wrap.

A microfleece baby wrap is extremely easy to use, making them an ideal choice if this is your first sling. Take a look at the step by step photo instructions showing you how to use a baby wrap. It is easy to wipe down or wash, and recommended for babies suffering from reflux. The fabric is light, soft and just warm enough to keep you and baby comfortable through winter. The micro fleece wraps are all one size fits all (4.90m) so that both mum and dad can carry the baby.

Cool wraps are the same width throughout its length but the ends are cut on a diagonal to give a more attractive look once tied. This sling is shown here as a front carrier but it is wide enough to be used for back carrying babies once they have sufficient head control.

Founded in 2005, Calin Bleu is a UK company manufacturing wonderfully simple baby wraps.

Wraparound slings are beautiful, comfortable, and versatile. Suitable from birth to toddlers, they can be used by parents of vary different size in many babywearing positions: on your front, on your hip, and on your back. It is handy to keep this compact baby wrap in your handbag or in your buggy for babywearing emergencies.

Learn to use a Calin Bleu baby wrap at our next babywearing training. Book your place now.

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