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As part of our commitment to providing free literature to promote babywearing we
have the following resources available to download or to order. Please use the form below.

Babywearing Guide
This tri-fold leaflet outlines the benefits of babywearing, types of slings and baby carriers available and how to choose one. You can download a copy or order printed copies using the form below.
Colouring Pages Designed for us by Delia M Hubbard, you can download these from us.

Colouring Postcards Using four of Delia M Hubbard’s great designs, these are available in printed format.
The School of Babywearing Postcards inform parents & professionals about the benefits of babywearing and top safety tips

The resources are FREE. If you find them useful, please consider using the Donate button so that we can continue to distribute them free of charge.

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