Babywearing Consultancy Pre-Course Resources Jakarta

Knowledge & Experience

If you are attending the Babywearing Consultancy course without attending a Peer Support course, please note that we assume you will already have knowledge of the following:

  • Babywearing safety including TICKS
  • The features and functions of pouches, ring slings, stretchy wraps, stretchy hybrids, woven wraps, Asian carriers and buckle carriers
  • How to demonstrate a front carry in a pouch, ring sling, stretchy wrap, stretchy hybrid, woven wrap, mei tai and buckle carrier.

If you don’t already have this knowledge, we strongly advise you to attend one of our Babywearing Peer Support courses or to book a one-to-one Skype tutorial with one of our tutors (details and costs can be provided on request).

Course Resources

If possible, please bring a Babywearing doll with you as you are likely to need one for your consultations. You can buy a ‘ready made’ babywearing doll or can make a weighted doll yourself. Let us know if you’d like details of where to buy one or how to make one or if you will need to borrow one. If you have any slings or baby carriers that you’d like to bring along with you, please do. We will have a full range of slings available for you to use during the course.

As part of the coursework, you will need to carry out and write up three practise consultations with parents. You will need access to some slings & carriers to complete these. If you have any questions about this, please ask your course tutor.

Pre-course Work

If possible, please review this before your course and bring your notes with you. Please don’t worry if you join the course at short notice and you’re unable to do so.

Babywearing Safety

You should be familiar with the TICKS guide to safe babywearing (

Thinking about TICKS, could you suggest any other safety points that aren’t included?

What other precautions should people take to ensure babies are safe and comfortable?

What groups of babies need extra care taken (and possibly reference made to the people responsible for their medical care)?

Anatomy & Physiology

Linked below are excerpts from a book about pregnancy/post-natal anatomy & physiology. Please read it through with a view to discussing the following:

  • What are the changes to the spine, abdominal muscles, pelvis & pelvic floor caused by pregnancy?
  • How may these be exacerbated postnatally?
  • How can correct babywearing help improve postnatal recovery/posture?

Anatomy cover








There is no compulsory pre-course reading but you may find this Reading List useful.