Policy on Babies and Children attending our courses


We understand that many of our course participants will have young children and that, especially if they are breastfeeding, may wish to bring them along to some or all of the course sessions. All of the School of Babywearing tutors and assessors are parents and we welcome babies and toddlers at all of our courses.

We ask you to bear in mind the following if you plan to bring a little one along with you:

  1. Please let us know in advance that you’ll be bringing a little one, this allows us to check the venue in advance and ensure it is completely child friendly. We only book venues that allow children on site but sometimes they may need to move furniture, etc.
  2. Consider your own needs and those of the other learners – it may be difficult to write or take part in the trying on of slings and carriers with a baby in arms or while watching out for a toddler. If you have someone who can come with you to help out, this may allow you to make the most of your time on the course, but this isn’t compulsory. If you do have someone coming to provide childcare, they are welcome to join us at any time and we will cater for them and include them in shared meals, etc. We may ask them to take your baby/child out if the room if they are noisy or distracting you or other learners. This may be especially necessary during the practical assessments that form part of the Peer Support & Consultancy courses.
  3. If there are several of you planning to attend the same course with babies, we may be able to arrange for someone else to attend as an extra pair of hands or we may be able to book another room as a play/rest room – again, the more notice you can give us, the more help this would be.
  4. If you miss any parts of the course, or find yourself unable to write down key information, let us know and we (and the other course participants) will do all we can to help you to catch up.

Policy Updated October 2019
Review Date October 2020