A Quick Guide to Online Learning (Demo Doll)

You can work through this lesson at your own pace. You are able to take notes using the “TAKE NOTES” button at the top right of the screen. You can save these notes, view them later, download them and/or print them.

You can also open a chat with a tutor using the “TUTOR CHAT” tab. This allows you to open up a private session with a tutor, chat via messaging and upload files.

The lesson has at least one lesson page, a downloadable lesson handout and a short test. You may find it useful to download the handout before taking the test. You can, of course, use your own notes as well. You can save & resume the test until you submit it. Obviously, it’s just for fun and so that you can get a flavour of how online lessons work.

Your Student Profile page will show you your profile and details of any tests that have been submitted. This allows you to see which questions have been marked by a tutor and their comments. If you need to add anything to a question, you can do it through the comments facility on the question page. (This doesn’t apply to the demo doll lesson but is very useful for longer courses).