Babywearing Consultancy

The Babywearing Consultancy course is aimed at people who give (or would like to give) one-to-one advice to parents about choosing slings and baby carriers. It will qualify you to work as a Babywearing Consultant. The course includes the Practical Skills of Babywearing module, alongside the Principles of Babywearing and Anatomy, Physiology and Development for Babywearing. You’ll attend a workshop that usually runs over an evening and two days or join an online course that includes online lessons and live online classes. You will complete your course through home study and coursework. The coursework includes some practice consultations to carry out and you will need access to a number of slings and carriers to complete these.

By the end of your training, you should be able to:

  • Recognise the benefits of babywearing for babies/children and their parents

  • Show an awareness of the links between babywearing and attachment/’in arms’ parenting

  • Understand the needs of parents wishing to use a sling or baby carrier

  • Show an awareness and understanding of the negative ways in which people may respond to a baby or child being carried in a sling

  • Show an awareness of different ways of using a range of slings and baby carriers to meet individual needs

  • Assess the benefits and potential disadvantages of different types of slings and baby carriers for specific parents’ needs

  • Understand how slings should be worn safely and how the incorrect use of slings can affect the health and wellbeing of parent and baby/child

  • Understand the effects of pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period on the pelvic floor, the spine and the abdominal ‘core’ muscles

  • Understand the development of the baby’s hips and spine

  • Show an awareness of the ways in which babies communicate with their parents

As a qualified Babywearing Consultant, you could earn a part-time income by offering individual consultations and running workshops for parents and professionals.

Forthcoming courses

Date/Time Event
Babywearing Consultancy Conversion Course 2020
All Day
Babywearing Consultancy Conversion Course 2020
Amesbury, The Bank, Amesbury
Online Babywearing Consultancy October 2020
03/10/2020 - 17/10/2020
All Day
Online Babywearing Consultancy October 2020
Online course, london


The course costs £450, although we do offer reductions if you’ve previously attended our Peer Support course and discounts for people affiliated with organisations such as Attachment Parenting UK. Contact us for details. Fees may be paid in instalments and we offer concessionary places when possible.

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