Check your TICKS

An outdated version of TICKS, the safety checklist devised by the UK Sling Manufacturers & Retailers Consortium, is appearing in a few places. The older version has the words ‘Supported Straight Back’ at the top (by the final tick) rather than the correct words ‘Supported Back’. You can download the correct version here.

Babies’ backs are curved rather than straight so it’s important to ensure that a sling or baby carrier supports the natural curve of their spine, rather than keeping or making it straight.

In addition to these guidelines, it’s important for parents to check their sling or carrier before use and to ensure that they feel confident about using it, practising with a doll and/or with another person watching them and over a soft surface until they feel happy about how to use it. They should also only undertake safe activities with their baby in the sling. For further help. visit a local Sling Group or Library or seek advice from a Babywearing Consultant.

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