Babywearing Information

Finding out how to safely and comfortable carry your baby needn’t be a challenge. The School of Babywearing has been set up to help you and your baby enjoy the benefits of babywearing or carrying your baby in a baby sling or carrier. You can do that by attending one of our Workshops, visiting a sling group or library or by having a consultation with a Babywearing Consultant.

Introduction to Babywearing Workshop

If you’re a parent or professional who’d like to know more about babywearing in general and to see a range of slings and baby carriers, why not book a place at an Introductory workshop run by a trained Babywearing Consultant? You’ll find out about the common types of slings available, top tips for safe babywearing and get to ask questions about your own needs.

Sling Groups and Libraries

SlingMeets, Sling Groups and Sling Libraries have been set up across the country to help parents try different kinds of slings, meet other babywearers and ask questions. Each one may have beens et up differently – some are run by individuals, others operate as part of a Children’s Centre, NCT branch or other organisation. Some will be run by trained Babywearing Peer Supporters who have trained with the School of Babywearing to offer support in a group setting.
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Babywearing Consultations

Whether you’re an expectant parent new to the world of babywearing, someone who’d like to try a different type of sling or carry, or someone trying something new (such as babywearing while pregnant or wearing more than one child), a Babywearing Consultation will allow you one-to-one time with a trained Babywearing Consultant. Consultants who’ve attended a course with the School of Babywearing will have been trained in anatomy, physiology and baby development, the principles of babywearing and the parctical skills of babywearing. They can assess your needs and make appropriate recommendations, as well as showing you how to use any slings that you currently own.