A New Addition To The Sling Library: All The Way From Malaysia

school babywearingMy name is Liza Yaakup and I founded SNUGGbaby in September ’08. Because we travel a lot (on monthly basis!), I enjoy creating items to make our travels easier and sharing these ideas to help other parents.

I started using a baby sling with my first child when she became too heavy to carry in-arms. She is now 4 and a half. I started by using a pouch sling. At the time, it was difficult and expensive get a good-quality baby carrier as they all had to be imported.
I started sewing my own carriers and through trial and error, developed my own style which I still adopt in all SNUGGbaby carriers and use until today.

I strive to craft highly custom, fabulously and intricately designed handmade items that literally make jaws drop! I do my best to use the natural and highest quality material so that SNUGGbaby products will serve mothers and last a long time.

I started by doing all the the business management by myself: shopping, washing, cutting, sewing, and packaging with help from my very supportive husband and a very active toddler. We now have hired help and a proper working studio. We named it SNUGGstudio and that’s where all SNUGGbaby products are made. It is environmentally-friendly, smoke-free and pet-free.

Stork Baby Carrier is a product of hundreds of mei tai. I keep track of customers feedback and with that I retained everything my customers love about SNUGG Mei Tai and make it even better. The aim was to make SNUGG Mei Tai more user-friendly and supportive without sacrificing the lightness of the bodypanel. This is important in my country, Malaysia, where it is hot and humid all year long!

We take pride in the uniqueness of our design and the fact that it is made in Malaysia.
You are very much welcome to visit our online portfolio displaying the very vast range of designs at: picasaweb.com/SNUGGbaby and simply enjoy browsing through our masterpieces and the many one-of-a-kind carriers.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at all. Happy babywearing!

Thank you Liza for your lovely carrier and the beautiful photos.

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