Policy on checking for criminal records

The School of Babywearing recognises the need to safeguard both children and vulnerable adults. Babywearing Peer Supporters and Consultants and School of Babywearing tutors and assessors do not fit any of the category types requiring disclosure. The two broad category types are working with children (under 18s) and vulnerable adults. Most services and support provided by Babywearing Peer Supporters and Consultants are to groups that would not be defined as vulnerable, and where parents and carers take responsibility for their babies/children.

In addition, the Cabinet Office issued guidance (June 2008) on DBS checks and
volunteering. This emphasises that decisions to undertake DBS checks should only be taken after evaluating the risk associated with the activities the organisation carries out. Additionally, it states that DBS checks should only be requested where there is a legal entitlement and requirement to do so.

The School of Babywearing , therefore, does not normally carry out DBS checks on its staff, or learners.

Policy Updated October 2019
Review Date October 2020