School of Babywearing Hire/Buy Scheme

Anyone taking part in our online courses will need access to a range of slings and carriers to complete your course (see the Babywearing UK resource page for details of what falls into each category). These are the minimum requirements for Peer Support & Consultancy courses:

  • a ring sling

  • a stretchy wrap

  • a woven wrap (preferably two of different lengths for Consultancy)

  • a meh dai

  • a buckle carrier

You may also want access to:

  • a stretchy hybrid

  • a pouch

  • a kangaroo care top

Hire scheme

To make it easy for you to access suitable slings and carriers, we offer a hire scheme so that you can borrow carriers for the duration of your course and as long as you need to practise and complete coursework (up to six months). You may choose any or all of the slings/carriers below and you can choose to add on a demo doll. There is a hire charge per month, a refundable deposit (returned when all slings/carriers/doll returned to us in good condition) and a postage charge. You will be responsible for arranging and paying return postage.

Hire costs for each item are £5/month/item with a charge of £2.50/item/month for second and subsequent months. Postage is charged at cost and will depend on parcel weight.

Item Deposit
Pouch £10
Ring sling £10
Stretchy wrap £10
Stretchy hybrid £10
Kangaroo care top £20
Meh dai £20
Buckle carrier £30
Demo doll £30
Woven wrap – long* £30
Woven wrap – short* £30

* Short wrap needed for Consultancy and some CPD/Skills Update courses, not Peer Support. We’d recommend a Base size-2, see Amy Wraps Babies guide to wrap sizing

We will send suitable sling/carriers but cannot tell you in advance which brands they will be. If you have a petite or larger frame, please let us know so we can select something that should fit you well.

Terms & Conditions of Hire

  • The hire period start from three days after we post your slings/carriers to you. If you don’t wish to hire for more than a month, please make sure they are posted back at least 3 days before the end of the hire period.

  • Deposits should be paid by cheque, made payable to Babywearing UK CIC

  • The slings and carriers sent to you will be safe for use, with no faults, holes or broken components and the must be returned in the same condition, or a deduction will be made from the deposit. You will be liable for the replacement cost of any damaged or lost sling or carrier.

  • You (or anyone else in your household) should not smoke around slings, carriers and dolls and they should not be kept anywhere that pets can access them.

  • Deposits will be returned (minus any outstanding hire fees or charges for damage) as soon as we have check over the slings/carriers/doll.

  • If you decide you would like to buy anything you have hired, please contact us to see if this is possible and check the cost.

  • Any learners with outstanding hire fees or damage costs will need to pay these before their course certificate can be sent out, unless you have agreed otherwise with us.

Completing the form below indicates that you have read and accept these conditions.

If you choose a pouch, please let us know the diagonal shoulder to hip measurement across your back so we can send the correct size. If you choose a kangaroo care top, please let us know your UK size.
You can extend the hire period, it's just useful for us to know how long to expect to book out resources for and this will determine your initial payment
We will get back to you soon to confirm we have received your order and the total cost.
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