Accreditation – what it’s all about?

babywearing trainingAs I sit here, excitedly marking coursework for one of our courses, I’ve been reflecting on why we chose to have the School of Babywearing courses formally accredited (and to make life harder for ourselves, having to follow assessment and internal and external verification procedures!). The decision was made because of our passions for both babywearing and adult education. I spent five years studying how and why adults learn so I knew it would be crucial to set up the courses in a way that allowed people to get as much from them as possible. All of School of Babywearing tutors are qualified in Facilitating Adult Learning, in addition to any other teaching qualifications they hold, so that they can make the training relevant, accessible and enjoyable to everyone and meet the high standards set for those who run accredited courses.

The School of Babywearing courses are accredited by Training Qualifications UK (TQUK), who also accredit a huge range of vocational courses, including Breastfeeding Peer Support, Youth Work Practice, Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector and much more. Accreditation means that the School of Babywearing is assessed on three levels:

  • as an organisation: ensuring we have the right policies, staff & expertise to deliver the courses),
  • as trainers: making sure that everyone who runs, assesses or internally verifies our training is qualified to do so,
  • and that our training courses themselves meet strict standards.

Attending an accredited course means that you will complete a range of assessments during and after the course. Our tutor and assessor team is there to give you all the support you need to pass. We believe that running our accredited courses across the UK (and internationally) helps to reinforce, maintain and improve the standards of babywearing advice, and help parents and their babies.

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