Plagiarism Policy

Definition: Plagiarism is the use of other people’s ideas and concepts in assessed work without proper acknowledgement, so they are passed off as if they were the student’s own. This will include not providing references for quoted text, and copying/rewording text from an external source. Please see for more information on what is considered plagiarism.

If plagiarism is detected, it will be treated as follows:

First serious incident: the work concerned cannot contribute to achievement of a unit. Student must submit a new piece of work to achieve the unit.

Second serious incident: We will contact the TQUK moderation team to discuss the best approach, which may result in coursework not being passed.

In considering the seriousness of the incidents, we will reflect on the frequency of the breach within a given piece or pieces of work, the magnitude of the breach, evidence of intent or otherwise by the learner in breaching the policy.

Policy review date: october 2020