Assessment Appeal Procedure

We are committed to ensuring that our assessment procedures meet the requirements of TQUK as the awarding body. Our Appeals Procedure allows us to review the quality and fairness of all parts of the assessment procedures. Each candidate has the right of appeal against any assessment decision that they consider to be unfair.

1. Informal resolution

The candidate must make an informal attempt to resolve the situation.

In the case of an individual assignment, the student must approach the course tutor and the Internal Verifier and attempt to negotiate an agreed outcome.

In the case of an end-of-course assessment decision, the student must approach the Internal Verifier.

No formal appeal will be considered until this informal attempt at resolution has been made. This informal stage of resolution must be completed within 10 working days of the student being notified of the assessment decision.

If an agreement is reached at this stage, the member of staff involved in negotiating the resolution must inform any other staff involved.

2. Formal Appeal

In the event of the dispute not being resolved informally, the candidate should make a formal appeal in writing within 10 working days of the grade being notified to the student (or the date on which the informal process was concluded if later).

The written appeal must be sent immediately to the Internal Verifier and External Verifier, who will organise the appointment of an independent Arbitrator to consider the appeal.

3. The role of the Arbitrator(s)

The Arbitrator(s) will examine the disputed assignments and other relevant documents and, where necessary, question staff and the candidate.

The Arbitrator(s) should attempt to complete these tasks and reach a decision within 15 working days of receipt of the written appeal.

If a decision cannot be reached within this timescale and more time is required, the candidate and relevant staff will be kept informed.

4. The decision of the Arbitrator(s)

The written decision, giving reasons for upholding or dismissing the student’s appeal, will be sent to the Internal Verifier. All participants in the appeal will then be informed.

Policy Updated October 2019
Review Date October 2020